Trust & Estate Disputes

Adam represents trustees and personal representatives as well as beneficiaries and heirs.  Representative cases include the following:

  • Successfully defended a trustee sued by five (5) family members who were beneficiaries of a trust established by the trustee’s late sister. After a three (3) day trial, the trustee received a favorable judgment, which included reimbursement of attorney’s fees.
  • Filed suit on behalf of beneficiaries against trustee who failed to notify them of their trust interest and wrongfully used the trust funds for her own purposes. In the negotiated settlement, the client beneficiaries received all funds that they were entitled to under the trust, as well as reimbursement of the attorney’s fees that they incurred in litigating the matter.
  • Achieved a favorable settlement after filing suit against client’s sister who served as trustee of their mother’s trust.  Pursuant to the terms of the trust, client was entitled to a share of the proceeds of the sale of the mother’s home upon her death.  Prior to the mother’s death, however, and during a period in which the mother lacked the capacity to manage her own affairs, the sister/trustee transferred title to the house to her own name and allowed another family member to reside in the home.